How to Recover Deleted Hard Drive Mac

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How to Recover Deleted Hard Drive Mac

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Is a failed, improperly formatted, or erased hard drive bringing you down? Most users believe that once data hits the circular file or a drive is deleted, the information is irretrievable. The files seem to be gone because it is not viewable through the operating system (OS); however, only the master file table reference has been removed and changes will slowly overwrite the files.

In the instance of a deleted hard disk, the physical data is still present and a tool may be used to retrieve the information. Fast recovery is important because the more you do, the more you lose! It is vital to recover files as quickly as possible to prevent the chance of overwritten files.

Introducing Stellar Mac Data Recovery!

It is never too late to recover lost or deleted data! The faster you act, the better chance you have at a full hard disk retrieval. Stellar Macintosh Data Recovery is a utility you can use to retrieve all files lost on a deleted hard drive with the right program and by completing only a few steps:
  1. Click on Start New Scan.
  2. Select a drive for scanning.
  3. Choose the retrieval method.
  4. Scan the drive.
  5. Click OK to view results.
  6. Mark the entire drive for retrieval.
  7. Recover the file.
Go to the website here to get started.
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